Refugi 307

More than a thousand shelters were built during the war, and among them was Refugi 307. During our visit, on 7th November, we discovered what the living conditions were like within its walls and how much suffering our ancestors experienced. Let’s preserve the historical memory!1d54f368-9bd7-400d-9843-a90c5e96675b


How do fast food chains attract customers?

The aim of this report is to study the different ways that fast food chains use to attract costumers. Fast food chains like Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, etc. are always seen on television advertisement, posters on shopping malls and bus stops, basically they are marketed everywhere.

Our investigation indicates that fast food chains usually have a strong fragrance of delicious food but some of these smells are artificially produced and don’t come from the food itself. The strong fragrance also makes the costumers hungrier so they can order more food.

They also do a lot of promotions and low-cost combinations of their unhealthy food to attract more attention. Fast food chains use visual tactics like using the colors red and yellow because the red color attracts attention and it also triggers the feeling of appetite and hunger, the color yellow gives the feeling of friendliness and happiness.

To recapitulate, fast food chains always aim to come up with marketing ideas to make you consume more than you should and get more costumers as possible by the sense of smell and sight.

Anabelle, Angela and Kim


Hi! My name’s Chelly Rieza and I’m seventeen years old. I live with my
parents, grandparents and sisters in Barcelona in Spain, but we’re
originally from the Philippines. We all speak English, Tagalog,
Spanish and Catalan.

In my free time, I like getting together with my friends. We usually
watch movies together, eat out in different restaurants and go
shopping. We also like listening and dancing to music and one of our
biggest dream is travelling to different countries. I really hope we
can go to Los Angeles.

At the moment, I’m working hard in my school so I can get good grades.
I would do anything to have a good future. I’m also playing a lot of
volleyball because I’m in one school team.

What would you like to do when you grow up?
I’d love to meet you soon!

Chelly Rieza



Hi! my name’s Jana Belmonte. I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Majorca. I’ve lived in Barcelona since I was five years old. Nowadays, I live with my cousin, my father and my step-mother in a small flat near the Cathedral.
I really like to live in Barcelona but I also miss Majorca a lot. The good thing is that I usually go there twice a month, and I hang out with all my family and my childhood friends. If I have to choose one place to live I think I will choose Barcelona, because there are lots of shops and different places to have a good time.
But apart for that, I love going to Majorca too, specially in summer, the weather is fantastic!
In my free time I usually go to the gym or watch series on Netflix with my little brother and I also teach English and Taekwondo to young children.
Right now, I’m studying 1rst Batxillerat at Etp Xavier and at the same time, I’m going to phonetic english classes.
When I finish the Batxillerat, I would like to go to university and study law and criminology.
What are you’re hobbies?

A report about how fast food chains attract customers:

The aim of this report is to analyze the ways how everyone could start eating healthy.

Every local fast food restaurant has its own ways to attract people and make them eat there.

According to our examination, they use different strategies to promote themselves like creating a tv commercial, posting a decent picture of ther foods on social media or even placing billboards in highways. They also tend to have lower prices than any other restaurant, and in some of them there is a playground for kids!

However, we must bear in mind that eating fast food, most of the time, could cause sickness or diseases because this type of food is not healthy, although it is tasty. In the last decade,  a high percentage of obese people has been detected, including kids, by eating fast food.

As a conclusion, I would like to suggest some things. Firstly, I recommend avoiding eating always at fast food restaurant even though they offer economic prices. Secondly, you should also eat healthy foods like salad, just to balance your life, or even do body exercise.

Franchesca Eliseo

2n Batx C